Relyon Splendid Divan Bed

Relyon Splendid Divan Bed

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The Splendid divan bed from Relyon is an exceptional model for the home. Upholstered in quality fabrics and containing a select choice of quality fillings this is a bed you literally will not want to get out of.

The huge 12 inch mattress contains 1500 Relyon pocket springs and 3 unique layers of support. We have a resilient fibre padding around the pocket tension springs, providing a base on which to build the mattress. Next we have a deep white fibre cotton layer providing great softness building outwards towards another deep layering of soft fillings.

The mattress is than hand tufted, this technique tightness the fillings together firmly, this condensing gives an overall medium firmness finish to all the quality soft material inside the mattress.The Splendid divan bed also includes a perimeter support, this allows you to use the whole are of the bed for sleeping and the edges of the mattress will receive no less support than compared to the centre, this is beneficial for side sleepers who like to sleep towards the edge of the mattress.

  • 1500 Pocket Springs
  • Choice of Divan Base Colours
  • Deep Mattress
  • Hand Tufted
  • 5 Year Guarantee